Custom Windows and Décor

No matter the setting, windows are truly the first impression any space can make.

Whether the setting is a commercial office, interior archway or private bathroom the intent never changes. You want lighting, colors, design and a sense of appropriate taste to literally open the eyes of friends, family or clients.

Living spaces are where most folks spend time as a family or to just relax with a good book and some quiet time. IBD was hired by a couple to bring more natural light into their space and also brighten up the room in general. Use of custom window treatments can seamlessly transform a room from average to captivating.

Design is a key component to any project, but nowhere is this more evident than in choosing window treatments. Accentuating certain color schemes can be the quintessential formula in framing windows and providing a conversation piece. In the example shown here, IBD used a lighter shade of green for wall colors to complement the darker tone of custom drapery shrouding the tiled glass of both windows. It achieved the desired balance of light, elegance and varied uniformity.

IBD is able to offer a full range of fabrics suitable for residential and commercial window treatments, upholstery and custom bedding. In addition, we have the tools to design a personalized look for the home or office and will provide complete lines of metal, wood and resin designer window hardware. On top of that, wood blinds and shares are available with all window treatments installed by our professionals.

As you can see - literally and figuratively - custom windows and decor matter!

"Windows are the eyes of our room." Eduardo Feliz, 'decorator of death,' from the hit movie "First Wives Club" (1996).
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