Design Services
Design services can range from color consultation to furniture building. IBD can do these and everything in between. Need a custom bed or upholstered piece? Built-in bookcases, mantles, archways, columns, decorative base and trim casings or a unique new design for your window treatments. These are some of the elements IBD can help with and undertake

Custom Windows and Decor
Windows are the eyes into your home and/or business. IBD can make them pop with a broad selection of of colors, designs and fabrics. We also provide a full range of decor options, whether you wan to liven up any room in your home or office setting.

Commercial Projects
No matter the size or scope, we bring a wealth of experience to any commercial space - ranging from a family-run home office to industrial sites, elegant shops and everything in between!

Home is where you build memories and land after a long day. IBD has the expertise and creative touch to make it everything you dream of and that includes a budget in keeping with your unique needs. We offer a broad range of residential services, from color and furnishing selections to placement of artwork, flooring and much more.

Undertaking a renovation project can seem overwhelming. So, let IBD take the reins and guide the process from start to finish. We have a team dedicated to every aspect of renovation - removal of the old and the placement of your new look. Utilize our all-encompassing services to bring it all together.

Organization Services
Honestly, knowing where things are can be frustrating at best. Our organizational consultant visits your home or business to set up a plan to whip it into shape. Services include closet management, organizing kitchen cabinets, office files and much, much more!

Floral & Room Design
It takes a special eye to put together floral arrangements. There is a lot of symmetry and/or lack thereof depending on the style.
IBD does floral design. Having trouble with lay-out for an office reception area, den or living room? Furniture placement is critical and so is proper design. Let IBD suggest the best solutions for these and other areas.

Project Management
Working professionals usually don't have the extra time it takes to be on their remodeling or new construction projects. Likewise, commercial projects need someone who will help make sure that orders, sub-contractors and materials are on time and handy to keep projects moving along with out needless delays. IBD can help with project management. Isn't it better to have one person to keep you updated rather than several to keep track of?

The first impression is the lasting one, whether you're talking about a residence or office complex. IBD stands ready to help with siding options, landscaping possibilities and other needs. From the outside, you can create an aesthetically-pleasing introduction to what we have done inside.
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